Fun Stuff

When we’re not focusing on our clients needs we occasionally step out and have some fun. We also try to thank clients for loyalty and our trusted partners for their referrals. Here are some of the activities or giveaways we find ourselves involved with from time to time…

2016 Turnaround Management Association Sporting Clay Shoot

(l-r) Jeff Brinkman - Regions Bank, Gary Dickison - Bull Engineering, John Paden - Cherry Beakert Holland, Jeff Heybruck - Lucrum Consulting.

Rain couldn't keep Lucrum Consulting from the game!
August 2016

(l-r) Jeff Heybruck, Debra Silva, Kurt Dyck and Gregg Watkins.

Time Spent on the Shooting Range with Blair Bohle & Whitsitt
August 2016

(l-r) Jeff Heybruck- Lucrum Consulting, George Bohle - Blair Bohle & Whitsitt, Kurt Dyck- Lucrum Consulting.

Annual People's First Insurance Golf Tournament
at Sun City Carolina Lakes
May 2016

(l-r) Brad McKeiver- McArthur McKeiver & Vaughn PLLC, Jeff Heybruck, Phil Dibrell- People's First Insurance

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Lucrum Yeti Cooler

The first blue Yeti we’ve given to a client- evidently this one is getting some use and is often requested by his neighbor, a die-hard UNC fan.

A Controlled Burn

One of the great things about doing what we do is the ability to be part of such a wide range of businesses. Here are some pics of a controlled burn to help manage a planted pine forest. This is the first burn we’ve seen at night but caused by wind conditions early in the day and the fact that the burn permit was for a limited time. Periodic controlled burns remove accumulated underbrush, create habitat for wild animals, reduce invasive plant species, and promote overall forest health. Check out the short video below where you can actually hear the fire cracking and popping. Note that the road serves as a natural firebreak along with other prepared breaks around the perimeter in the weeks leading up to the actual burn.

Lucrum Holiday Dinner 2015

(l-r) Gregg & Ann Watkins, Ashley & Debbi Silva, Jeff & Taylor Heybruck. Not pictured: Joe & Lori Childress.

Arborscapes Christmas Party 2015

Not only do we get to have our own holiday party, sometimes we get to join our client’s as well. Thanks to Nathan, Jason and the rest of the Arborscapes team for including us.

Lancaster Children’s Home Annual Fall Flurry
October 2015

(l-r) Julio Colmenares- CGR Creative, Jennifer Jackson- Patriot Charities / Alan Tate, Debbi Silva- Lucrum Consulting, Nathan Morrison- Arborscapes, Jason Tebben- Arborscapes, Jeff Heybruck- Lucrum Consulting, Russ Blanton- RAM Pavement Services

(l-r) Jennifer Jackson, Nathan Morrison, Debbi Silva, Russ Blanton

Turnaround Management Association 2015 Golf Tournament

(l-r) Kenny Lautenschlager, Johnston, Alison, Hord PA; Jeff Heybruck, Lucrum Consulting; Jeff Mitchell, Crestmark Bank; Brian King, GreerWalker

Boy Scout Leadership Dinner – 2015

(l-r) Brian Saemann, GoBeyond SEO; Jeff Heybruck, Lucrum Consulting; Lance Pritchett, Pesta, Finnie & Associates, LLP

Turnaround Management Association 2014 Sporting Clays

(l-r) Lynn Wilson, First Business Capital Corp; Jeff Heybruck, Lucrum Consulting; David Koran, International Risk Consultants; Ben Riley, Gibraltar Business Capital

Branded YETI coolers ready for delivery to clients

CPCC Sporting Clays Tournament - May 2014

(l-r) Jeff Heybruck, Lucrum Consulting & John Paden CPA, Cherry Bekaert

Lancaster Children’s Home Annual Fall Flurry - October 2013

(l-r) David Cocks, Compensation Master; Josh Harrington-Smith, Lucrum Consulting; Jeff Heybruck, Lucrum Consulting & Eddie Heyworth, Heyworth Plumbing